Freezer Chest



Homemade meals. Just heat and serve



Conch Chowder $9.95

Chunks of conch with potatoes – New England Style.



Pumpkin Soup $5.95

Ginger scented cream of pumpkin.


Fish Chowder $8.50

Snapper and Trigger fish with potato and tomatoes.

Quiches 7” Pie 9”Pie
Spinach $13.50 $16.50
Mushroom $14.75 $17.50
Crab $17.50 $21.00
Lobster $18.50 $23.50
Lorraine $14.95 $17.75
Tomato $15.00 $23.50







With Meat Sauce

Chicken Curry
Chicken and potatoes in a spicy coconut flavoured curry sauce.
Veggie Lasagna
Layers of noodles and vegetables, with three cheeses and béchamel sauce.
Fish Stew
Trigger fish – King Fish – Snapper with peppers, onions, leeks and tomatoes.
Curried Goat
Bones out – tender bites of goat meat in a medium spiced curry sauce.
Chicken Marbella
Chicken Thighs marinated in wine, olive oil, herbs and garlic and oven roasted with olives, capers and prunes.
Conch Stew
Tender bites of Anguillian conch in white sauce with parsley dumplings.
Beef Burgundy
Beef Stew with mushrooms in a red wine sauce.
Chicken Casserole
Pot Pie – No Crust – Sweet Potato top.
Baked Fish
Baked Grouper with leeks, peppers, onions and tomatoes in a lemon sauce.



Side Dishes


  Serves 1-2
Rice & Peas $6.95
Baked Plantain $4.95
Celery Medley


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